3D Printing Filaments

Leveraging the technological advantages and expertise accumulation in polymer materials held by POLYFUL, as well as possessing independent core intellectual property rights and R&D production capabilities, JIANYU aims to serve the domestic and international additive manufacturing market by offering high-performance 3D printing filaments.

A Variety of Filaments for 3D Printing

JIANYU offers a range of specialized 3D printing filaments, including but not limited to Birch, Fir, Cactus, Palm, Vine, and Especial series. These products are characterized by their exceptional performance, ease of processing, and seamless compatibility with the prevalent FDM 3D printing equipment. We deliver a variety of specialized 3D printing material solutions to our clients, featuring attributes like fiber reinforcement, flame retardancy, heat resistance, toughness, anti-static properties, suitability for food contact, high-speed printing, and flexible consumables. Extensively utilized in sectors such as industrial manufacturing, electronics and electrical engineering, healthcare, consumer electronics, educational research, daily home necessities, new energy vehicles, and energy storage. JIANYU filaments cater to the diverse needs of various application scenarios.

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Birch is a product series of JIANYU, which provides a "High-strength" solution for 3D printing filaments. It has excellent mechanical properties and print quality, and exhibits great tensile strength and durability, making it suitable for long-term stress scenarios.

PP-Birch PA-Birch PETG-Birch PLA-Birch



Basic is a product series of JIANYU, which provides entry-level printing consumables for general printing scenarios. It features broad adaptability, excellent printing performance, a rich selection of colors, and is safe and non-toxic. It is the preferred material for 3D printed figurines, aesthetic creative designs, and prototype verifications.




Fir is a product series of JIANYU, which provides a "Flame-retardant" solution for 3D printing filaments. It is impermeable and has a water absorption rate of less than 1% at room temperature. The material fulfills flame retardancy according to UL 94 V-0 (@1.6mm), and is suitable for applications and components that require flame retardancy.




Cactus is a product series of JIANYU, which provides a "Heat-resistant" solution for 3D printing filaments. With the characteristics of high heat deformation temperature, extremely low warpage and shrinkage, it is an ideal choice for models, household appliances, and electrical enclosures.




Palm is a product series of JIANYU, which provides "Food-contact" solution for 3D printing filaments. This product line is safe and non-toxic, complies with FDA food-contact material testing regulations. It is ideal for printing durable, high-toughness parts with food-contact requirements.




Vine is a product series of JIANYU, which provides a "Toughed" solution for 3D printing filaments. Its strength, durability, impact-resistance, and high bending-resistance provide wider design space, making it suitable for printing prototypes of mechanical components with toughness and precision requirements.

PLA-Vine PP-Vine ABS-Vine ABS-Vine(HS)



It is a product series of JIANYU, which aims to provide "especial" solutions for 3D-printed small-scene applications. The product series includes various material solutions, such as anti-static and flexible purposes. For example, anti-static materials have excellent static resistance performance and are used to replace traditional processes of making anti-static class work or equipment parts; special elastomer materials are skin-friendly and suitable for use as a structural component or secondary wrapping in medical support scenarios.

PA-Especial PP-Especial