Modified PPO

VP-20 is a low molecular weight polyphenylene ether modified with vinyl functional groups. From raw materials to production equipment, it is fully localized, based on independently developed technology, ensuring stable molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution, high purity, and high curing activity.

This product has an extremely low dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor, excellent thermal resistance, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability, and is easily soluble in organic solvents, making it an ideal substrate for the preparation of high-frequency, high-speed copper clad laminates.

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PropertiesTest MethodsUnitTypical Value
Appearance//White powder
Specific GravityASTM D792g/cm31.02
MnInternal methodg/mol2400
PDIInternal method/1.7
Vinyl FunctionalityInternal method/
Phenolic End-group ContentInternal methodppm200
Solubility (Toluene, 25°C)Internal methodwt%50
Solubility (MEK, 25°C)Internal methodwt%50
Viscosity, 50 wt% in MEK, 25°CInternal methodcP142
TgInternal method°C155

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computers and related equipment

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