Polypropylene Stiffening Nucleating Agent


This product is an economic and efficient stiffening nucleating agent of large molecules, which can significantly increase the crystallization velocity of polypropylene, reduce its crystallization size, shorten its molding cycle, and effectively improve the rigidity, impact resistance and surface flatness of polypropylene products.

Compared with the small molecule nucleating agents sold on the market, this product is non-toxic, odorless, dust-free, with good stability. It has no small molecule precipitates, fully compatible with polypropylene, and easy to disperse, and there is no precipitates migration from products.

Quality Technical Index

Appearance: white powder

Melting point: 160°C

Volatiles: ≤ 0.5% (WT)

Adding method

There are two ways of application in plastics processing:

1.     Adding stiffening nucleating agents to the resin for direct mixing, injection or extrusion molding;

2.     Mixing the product with resin and other additives to make masterbatches, and then blended with ordinary polypropylene.

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Application Area

sporting goods sporting goods

sporting goods

packing box packing box

packing box

automobile automobile


furniture furniture


household appliances household appliances

household appliances